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Volunteers needed! I need volunteers to create directions/discussions for these subjects. Just start the page, do your best, and we'll discuss it.
1) How do I insert a picture on my page?
2) How do I search the google timeline?
3) How do I make a link?
4) How do I find facts?
5) What should I choose as a keyword?
6) How do you start a discussion?
7) How can you change the page back to an earlier version?
8) How can I tell what changes a person has made?
Want a question answered? Put it in the discussion.

Assignment 3: The instructions are here. Your group's topic is next to your names.

Ozark Plateau

Elk Ranch Quarry
Boston Mountains

Misssissippi River Alluvial Plain

New Madrid Seismic Zone
Paragould meteorite
Crowley's Ridge

Arkansas River Valley

Rush creek mining district
Granite mountain
Petit Jean Mountain

Ouachita Mountains

Jeffery quarry
Crater of Diamonds
Magnet Cove igneous complex

West Gulf Coastal Plain

Antlers Formation
Smackover Oil Boom

Period 1 Group pages
Antonio, Carla, Jose Ozark Plateau
Katelyn, Maricarmen, Maria C. Miss river alluvial plain
Chloe, Michael, Stiven arkansaurus
Zippy, James, Micah ouachita mtns
Rosa, Diana, Ambrosia elk ranch quarry
Jason, Maria M., Adela new madrid seismic zone
Alyssa, Tia, Daniela paragould meteorite
Andi, Cassidy, Mary Claire rush creek
Shannon, Jeremy, Zeb Smackover

Period 2 Group pages
Susie, Nick, Goyo arkansaurus
James, Taylor, Fernando smackover
Jasmine, Sara, Alejandra arkansas river valley
Luis, Sean, Johnathan new madrid seizmic zone
Jeremy, Willow, Annelise ozark plateau
Taylor, Abigail, Brittany Miss River Alluvial Plain
Matthew, Anabel, Amanda Ouachita Mountains
Justin, Ty, Shelby rush creek
Edgar, Keith crowleys ridge Paragould meteorite

Period 3 Group pages
Lacey, Eddie, Nacith ozark plateau
Jesus, Jordan F, Jessica miss river alluvial plain
Jayden, Daisha, Cooper, Emily Ouachita Mountains
Yareli , Roni, Kasey arkansaurus
Josh, Tannia, Christian new madrid seismic zone
C.J., Kenzi, Jordan K, Fabian rush creek